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Absolutely! Colleges base their merit-based scholarships on academic performance or a particular talent. Merit-based scholarships do not consider a family’s income.

Awards usually range from $2,000 to full cost of attendance.

Most every merit scholarship is renewable for four years, provided the student meets the grade point average, progress-toward-degree requirements, and any award-specific requirements.

Most merit-based scholarships are based on academics or talent. Other criteria may include leadership, involvement in activities, geographical background, ethnic background, intended major, and career goals. You should always pay particular attention to the eligibility requirements and selection criteria for each scholarship.

No, financial need is not a factor in the merit-based scholarship process at most schools.

No, financial need is not a factor in the merit-based scholarship process at most schools.

If you received a merit-based scholarship, colleges might use it in calculating your financial aid award package. The college will usually reduce one or more of your financial aid sources to adjust for that merit scholarship.

Colleges award most scholarships based on merit. Students with academic excellence, or participate in extracurricular activities such as involvement in community service, have the best chance at receiving one of these rewards. Colleges do not award private scholarships, and they are usually smaller in amount.

Yes. Many colleges offer merit-based scholarships to out-of-state students. Many times the amount of the award covers the out-of-state tuition premium.

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