• College Calendar

    A year by year list of tasks that every high school student should be doing.

  • College Selection Navigator

    Analyze 20 major factors to determine the ideal six to eight colleges to apply to.

  • College Admissions Navigator

    Increase your odds of acceptance with step-by-step processes for essays and applications.

  • Career Search Navigator

    Discover potential career opportunities long before selecting a college.

  • College Visitation Navigator

    Know what to ask and look for when touring schools.

  • ACT/SAT Test Prep Navigator

    Acquaints the student with the college standardized tests and provides tips on improving scores.


The College Decision Navigator workbook is designed to help parents and their college-bound students achieve the highest level of understanding of the complicated college process. It will guide you through proper college selection and visitation and steer the student through a basic search to help prevent the 5- to a 6-year college degree and college major switches, all of which can help you reduce costs.

You will not be hounded by anyone. If we contact you, it would start by email. Some families are very busy and request our personalized guidance, and others merely download the booklet and try to do everything themselves. Either way, we want to help our community and get introduced to college-bound families that could use our help.

Because choosing the right school is such a personal decision, the College Decision Navigator takes you through 25 strategic steps in the college selection process. It covers campus culture, diversity, distance from home, student body size, majors offered, and which of these things mean most to you. It walks you through the college selection process step by step to help you find the best colleges that match your interests and talents.

No. The College Decision Navigator workbook will also show you how to achieve the highest ACT/ SAT scores and how to move through the college admissions process efficiently. This guide, if followed correctly, will provide both student and parents with the information they need to get the maximum value for their college dollar.

Our experts that put the College Decision Navigator together know first-hand how to prepare for a college interview. The College Decision Navigator will guide you through the interview process and help you put your best foot forward when it counts.

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